What is 128 ?    

Boston's high-tech suburbs , known collectively as Route 128 , are well spread with innovative technology enterprises in information technology , biotechnology , nanotechnology , and other technologies . A key resource in the Boston area is MIT , as well as Harvard University , Boston University , Northeastern University , Tufts University , Brandeis University , Boston College , Olin College , Babson College , Wellesley College , Bentley College , the University of Massachusetts , and several other universities that have developed technology expertise in various areas .

    What is 128 CUTE?    

128CUTE consists a group of Chinese business executives , entrepreneurs , technologists , investors , and experienced professionals in engineering , applied sciences , marketing , sales , legal , finance , accounting , and human resources , in the Great Boston area .128CUTE provides a platform for the building of a social network among businesses between China and America , enhances their strategic business growth , and supports business activities of interests on both sides . For example , assisting China based local companies and US based local companies for their successful transition to globalization is a major component of our work .

    Mission and Vision    

We want to communicate to and support each other in our career advancement or corporate development , seek and pursue growth opportunities of mutual interest .We want to enable our participants to launch right businesses , access much needed information , grow revenue and profit , and make successful business expansion by bridging the gap between China and US with business and technology innovation .