What is 128 ?


Boston's high-tech suburbs, known collectively as Route 128, are well spread with innovative technology enterprises in information technology, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and other technologies. A key resource in the Boston area is MIT, as well as Harvard University, Boston University, Northeastern University, Tufts University, Brandeis University, Boston College, Olin College, Babson College, Wellesley College, Bentley College, the University of Massachusetts, and several other universities that have developed technology expertise in various areas.

What is 128 CUTE?

128CUTE consists a group of Chinese business executives, entrepreneurs, technologists, investors, and experienced professionals in engineering, applied sciences, marketing, sales, legal, finance, accounting, and human resources, in the Great Boston area.

128CUTE provides a platform for the building of a social network among businesses between China and America, enhances their strategic business growth, and supports business activities of interests on both sides. For example, assisting China based local companies and US based local companies for their successful transition to globalization is a major component of our work.

Mission and Vision

We want to communicate to and support each other in our career advancement or corporate development, seek and pursue growth opportunities of mutual interest.

We want to enable our participants to launch right businesses, access much needed information, grow revenue and profit, and make successful business expansion by bridging the gap between China and US with business and technology innovation.

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2014 Events:

Date: December 30, 2014
Event: End of year information exchangings
Location: Waltham MA
Date: December 21, 2014
Event: Visit Xinjiang Overseas Student Pioneer Park
Location: Urumqi China
Date: December 18, 2014
Event: Qinghai Haidong Scientific Park Media Discussion
Location: Qinghai Haidong China
Date: December 15-16, 2014
Event: 128Cute Shaoxing Tour
Location: Shaoxing China
Date: December 12-14, 2014
Event: 128Cute”Xing Yao Nan Hu” Oversea Talent Conference
Location: Jiaxing China
Date: December 11-14, 2014
Event: Oversea Advanced Talent's Visit to Chongqing in 2014
Location: Chongqing China
Date: Nov 11, 2014
Event: Since self- platform media operations WeChat group set up
Location: Haidong China
Date: Nov 5, 2014
Event: Economy Discussion with Dr. Wang Qing
Location: Cambridge MA
Date: Oct 12, 2014
Event: Hanna Network founder Luo Ling visited 128 Chinese Union of Technology Enterprises
Location: Boston
Date: Oct 11, 2014
Event: Participate in the development of environmental and personnel policies Nantong Promotion
Location: Cambridge MA
Date: July 14 , 2014
Event: Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau Fair
Location: Boston MA
Date: June 8 , 2014
Event: Qinghai Delegation Forum
Location: Harvard University MA
Date: Apr 20, 2014
Event: China EMBA Delegation of Experts Harvard MIT Forum
Location: Cambridge MA
Date: Feb 7 , 2014
Event: Success and experience sharing forum for Start Up
Location: Cambridge MA

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How to get information?

Please join LinkedIn discussion group 128cute, or contact any of our executive directors listed on page http://www.128cute.com/2012executive.html.


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